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Optimize Wordpress Permalinks for a Better SEO Performance

Post by Josefer Beharle, last modified August 2, 2018

One of the quickest and simplest things you can do to help boost SEO is to create custom URLs—and the good news is that even those with the most basic grasp of Wordpress can do it, just follow these easy steps!

When you publish a post in Wordpress it automatically creates a permalink for that post—each and ever post has its own unique permalink, which is also referred to as the URL. The Wordpress permalink/URL default setting includes the name of the blog/website, along with the date and the title of the post, and will usually look something like this: 

http://www.example.com /2018/01/05/the-title-of-my-post-is-way-too-long-for-human-reading-blog-post-by-me

This is very easy to edit an change under Wordpress, but as everything with this Content Management System (CMS), you only need to memorize where to click. So to edit this area and changing the Permalink so we can have a better SEO performing structure, you need to

 Go to: Wordpress Admin Area 

By default  you can find the Wordpress Admin area at the following URLs yoursite.com/wp-admin or yoursite.com/login.

 Go to:  Settings >> Permalinks  

Optimize Permalinks Wordpress Screen Shot 01 - Tutorial

As a first option we see the "Plain Permalink", not recommended at all on SEO terms. Because this is a numerical structure which doesn't say anything new to search engines:

Plain Permalink Wordpress SEO

Then we have the "Month and Name Permalink" option, same as the "Day and Name", they are too long, and the date is really not relevant for including it on all our post or pages URLs, so also is a don't as the "Numeric Permalink" option witch is just a variation of the "Plain Permalink" one:

Then we have the two options I recommend to explore, if your a beginner and for this post I will be using the "Post Name Permalink" option, I will do a post about the "Custom Permalink" option later.

Post Name Permalink Wordpress

 Go ahead and Select the "Post Name" permalink option. 

 Don't forget to click the "Save Changes" button. 

Permalink Wordpress SEO Optimize

Go and write youre first post, because we are going to still need to manually adjust our titles so we can have the best URL we can get. So for that:

 Go to  Posts  >>  Add New 

 Write your Headline or Main Title: 

Permalink Seo Title

Save your Post  and notice how Wordpress made as the URL for this post the same as your title, It's a huge URL! That doesn't work either. you can't even look at it completely! 


By no meaning we want a URL like this one, what we need is to be as shorter as we can, and also we need to include the words of the main idea of our post which is also known as "Focus Keyword".

 Now we are going to edit our "FINAL URL" so it looks something like this: 

Optimized Permalink Slug Wordpress

Something that can be human read and relevant for knowing what our post is about.

 Go ahead and click "Ok" 

Now you have an optimized Url to be indexed nicely on Search Engines: yoursite.com/make-money-online

Don't forget to do the same with every post you publish on under your Wordpress Install. Simple as that!, yes you can! And such a huge improvement!, congratulations!.

Now enjoy, but there are many more little things to take care.

 And wait for my next post!  where I will be writing about many more Wordpress Essentials, Must Have and Must Do tips and tricks in order to have an optimized site that performs better on a permanent and sustainable basis.

by Josefer Beharle :)

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